This program tells you exactly what to do over the two weeks, and the results are phenomenal. You can expect to lose weight, see your skin clear up, your digestion will improve, and you’ll have more energy. This program is based on the wisdom of Chinese, Tibetan, and Ayurvedic traditions, and is customized for you

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Phase One


To sustain long-lasting vitality the best results are achieved by working with your body. The first week is all about balancing digestion and eliminating toxins from your diet and lifestyle, so your system can prepare for what’s to come.

Phase Two


This is the intensive part of the program. You’ll be eating a specific diet, based around foods that balance your body type, and using herbs and/or functional oriental superfoods to detoxify your system.

Each delicious meal will include the six Ayurvedic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent) as they help repair any internal imbalance and rejuvenate your system. This is where the magic happens.

Phase Two


You’re a combination of 5 elements – so being balanced becomes part of your new way of living. In this stage of the program you will feel the amazing effects of your hard work.

It’s also where we teach you how to implement these changes into your life permanently so you’re ready for those situations that inevitably arise when you’reliving life. Remember, balance is a process, not a destination.

Everything You Need

Detox Program Includes

Mongolian nutritional experts personalize a diet plan for your unique needs right now.

Customized Diet

2 weeks’ customized diet recommendations and analysis from our experts

Functional Superfoods

2 weeks of functional foods and teas

Online Webinar

2 online webinar about detox and eating healthy

Private Group

Access to a private Facebook group where members can ask health-related questions and support each other

Meal Plan

14-day follow-up meal plan to keep you on the right path

Bonus 1

7 additional days of superfood

Bonus 2

Digestive recommendation based on your unique constitution

Bonus 3

Ayurvedic Constitution analysis test and recommendation