21 Days Weight Loss Program

Are you looking for a truly personalized weight loss program designed only for you and your unique system, instead of following another generic trend?

21 Days Improve The Gut Program

“What foods should I eat?” For people who have digestive health issues, this is a common question. The answer is not so simple.

90 Days 3 Months to Vibrant Health- Health Coach Program

“This program helps you to understand yourself holistically (body, mind and soul) and set and achieve health-related goal.

14 Days Detox Program

Do you want to clean out your body and start anew? Then our 14-day detox plan is a great place to start.

21 Days 1:1 consultation

“Everyone is different, and you are unique. Your body is unique to your own, and your digestion system is one of a kind, so we all should not be eating the same calories and foods.

Everything You Need

Amu programs all include

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Online Assessment

Individual assessment based on Tongue and Urine picture

Consultation with health expert

Health coach’s consultation about healthy diet & well-being

Individualized meal and supplement plan

Weekly, individualized, functional meal plan for 3 weeks

Organically-grown, medicinal teas

Mongolian herbal teas to support health deliciously

Organically-grown, functional medicine Superfood supplements

Mongolian whole food based dietary supplements

Organically-grown bean powders

Mongolian high fiber, high nutrient beans, processed to maintain 100% of nutrition and function

Ongoing support and adjustment of program as needed

During 21 days ongoing follow up

Online healthy eating courses

Traditional medicine’s ancient wisdom about healthy eating & nutrition

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Frequently asked question

Perfect we've got answers

  • When will I see the first results?

    In the first 4-7 days you will start to feel a difference. Of course, the longer you continue to feed yourself properly, the more improvement you will see.
  • Will I have a personal coach?

    Yes. One of our health coachs or nutritionists will assess you and explain the food functions. He or she will create your personalized plan and stay in consultation with you throughout the program.
  • Are your programs safe for my health?

    Our program uses only foods, not any drugs or herbs. So this program is very safe; but at the same time it is powerfully beneficial to your health. If you have a serious health condition such as cancer, are pregnant, or are a child, we don’t recommend you take a standard program. For these cases, we can create a diet plan for you seperate from these programs.
  • Will I have any restrictions?

    We only ask that you don’t eat the foods outside of the diet plan. And keep calm.
  • Is it hard to stay in balance?

    Balance is a process, not a destination. It takes practice, but the more we work at it, the more natural it will feel. Feeling better makes it easier to want to stay on track.
  • Do I have to exercise?

    If you are in the habit of exercising, you may continue. Although, you may want to scale it back if you are exercising very vigorously. If you are not in the habit of exercising, we do recommend you try and get a little bit of physical activity every day, but it is not required. Walking in nature is a great way to stimulate your body and calm your mind.