5 slices ginger or 1 teaspoon dried ginger with hot water (42 degree Celsius)Our feet are very important for health maintenance. And according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, “Simple soaking can be surprisingly effective”.

Boiled water

    1. In Tibetan Medicine, hot boiled water (2 cups of water boiled and reduced to 1 cup) is more energized, which makes the water to have light and warm nature. Light and warm is the characteristic of the fire element. The digestive heat (metabolism) originates from the fire element. With the water quality of smooth and soft, hot boiled water has the perfect balance to clean and tonify our digestive tract. 
    2. Best to drink hot boiled water first thing in the morning.

Bone broth

  1. reduce intestinal inflammation
  2. strengthen your digestive system
  3. support immune function
  4. boost detoxification
    1. In traditional medicine, bone broth is a “complete serving of the good stuff”—a warm liquid full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
    2. A serving of bone broth may help strengthen the lining of your gastrointestinal tract. Bone broth contains many healing compounds such as collagen, gelatin, and amino acids like glutamine,arginine, and proline.
    3. Add bone broth into your routine as a warm snack or use it as a base to soups to help:

Adzuki beans

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), adzuki beans are plants that belong to the Herbs that drain Dampness category. These herbs are typically diuretics, meaning that they promote the production (increased production) of urine to allow the removal of Dampness that has accumulated in the body.


For people who have low digestive fire and kidney problems, rosehip resolves phlegm and reduces dampness. Studies show that rose hips reduce pro-inflammatory chemicals and inhibit cox-1 and 2 enzymes, which trigger inflammation and pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Rosehip Tea is known for its ability to clear heat as it enters the Stomach.

Stinging nettle leaf 

Stinging nettle leaf is a strong diuretic, and a good tea for reducing heat from the body and purifying the blood. It helps the body cool down and strengthen vital organs, especially the immune system, kidneys, and liver. Stinging nettle leaf has been known for its capacity to treat skin eczema, congested lungs, gout, edema, and generally enriching kidney and liver Yin.


Blackberry is used for treating diarrhea, fluid retention, diabetes, gout, and pain and swelling (inflammation); and for preventing cancer and heart disease. It is also used as a mouth rinse for mild mouth and throat irritation. Make a fresh tea with 5-6 blackberries and boil them in a cup of water. ater.

Flaxseed, chia seed (high fiber foods)

High fiber foods are helpful in reducing inflammation and swelling. Flaxseed is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, breast pain (mastalgia), and swelling (inflammation) of the kidneys in people with lupus.