Eating healthy is not only eating greens and drinking more water, it is actually based on the specific weather, in specific seasons (due to the sun located in different positions it influences our body), based on your personal types and digestion eating right.


Mongolian Medicine, how to recognize summer season:

The spring season heats the earth and oceans, and a great deal of steam evaporates and rises to the sky to form clouds that make summer. The same phenomenon appears in the human body: The spring heat warms up or melts the body’s Phlegm and the blood and water then begin to circulate more actively throughout the whole body in the summer. The body cells and organs awaken from the long winter sleep and regain life. Therefore summer season corresponds to the adult stage of life in relation to the human life season clock. In the summer, energy increases, flowers blossom and the world smiles.

Summer is the hottest and driest season. The sun dries the earth up very powerfully and warms oceans. It is contrary to the Asian climate. Due to the summer heat, people are used to drinking cold drinks and wearing thin clothes. Hot and cold drinks and lots of sweating reduce the body minerals quantity and push out the body medrod (metabolic force) everyday. People feel fresh although losing a lot of body energy, which becomes the cause of phlegmatic disorders such as obesity, blood circulation, arthrosis, arthritis and chronic bad digestion etc.

Aspects of the climate eventually show external heat, but bring internal cold in the body that becomes the cause of indigestion and chronic phlegm disorders. So, people should watch out for digestion and heart.

Amu Nutrition is recommending you to follow up below recommendation on diet and lifestyle:

Consequences of a wrong nutrition and behavior during summer
The external heat joined with unfavorable food and behavior could turn into powerful conditions or factors that increase the bile disorders, heat disorder especially for people who have a bile or bile+wind constitution.

  1. Reduce the food amount and eat warm and heavy types of food. If you overeat this season, it will be easy to imbalance your body.
  2. Reduce the meat consumption, and if you can eat Vegetarian food for 2 months (especially July and August) will be preferable.
  3. Summertime, it is not suitable to not eat at all, or fasting, due to increased Vatta energy. Morning 3:40-7:40 and evening 15:40-19:40 is Vatta time of the day, so this time, please eat or drink calming effect food (bone broth with nutmeg or fennel seed tea). Morning after drinking boiled water, in the bone broth having grain congee will be preferable. Evening in the bone broth having preferred veggies and sometimes drinking rice sake will be preferable.
  4. Instead of raw salad, cooked veggies are easily digestible. As we talked before, this season, your digestive fire will be at its lowest level. Most people cannot digest raw salad, but cooked veggies are the best food for summer.
  5. During this season, one should avoid an excessive consumption of alcohol, raw salad, grilled meat, sweet and ice creams, and especially the cold drinks or food kept during a long time in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
    During this season, it is also better to avoid strong spicy food and glutamate, strong alcohol, milk and milky products, dry meat and sausages, overcooked or baked food.

  6. For kids, and everyone should avoid the excess of cold water from the refrigerator or drinks with much ice. Consuming too cold drinks when one feels hot is dangerous as it freezes the throat and stomach. It could lead to bad digestion, gastric problems, breathing difficulties, cold and flu, sinusitis, etc.
    Especially kapha time of the day, morning 07:40-11:40 and evening 19:40-23:40, if you drinking cold water too much, it created digestive imbalance, and going to influence heart and kidney. Thus this time, if you can do exercise, will be helpful.
  7. Boiled water is very important during summertime in ancient oriental people. Because during summertime, because of wind, water becomes not clean, and they usually depend on place and water quality boiled water until half or 1/3. Boiled water is in Mongolian medicine, the best of the medicine, balancing 3 doshas and digestive system. Thus, highly recommend keep drinking boiled water until end of the summer.
  8. During summer season, seniors and kids should be careful about their diet due to Vatta season. About the food size ¼ of the stomach should be empty, ½ should be food, ¼ should be liquid. Your stomach should be same size as your two alm.
  9. About lifestyle and behavior, The body temperature should be kept slightly warm by thin cloths like cotton. It is preferable not to use synthetic cloths too much if the temperature is too hot. But don’t get cold in the evening, and going to cold water, don’t sit in wet place in long time, not talking too long time. These behaviors increase vatta energy and make you uncalm and unstable.
  10. People having an excess heat and they should not expose themselves too much to the sun, because the sun heat easily penetrates and burn them and make them get irritations, headaches, lowering blood pressure etc. Other people should have more time on the morning sun, getting sun energy.
  11. During summer season, having oily massage (ghee, sesame oil) is suitable. Also, please sleep on time, and stabilizing your mind is very important.

Summer especial food:

Breakfast: bone broth (can having 2 chicken bone boil it with water 4-5 minutes) + Adzuki beans or blacksesame or oatmeal

10 am : smoothie with flaxseed or hempseed

12pm: main dishes with All types of cooked veggies mostly soup will be preferable

3pm: blackberry + watermelon smoothie or regular watermelon

Dinner: veggie soup or room temperature plain yogurt

Snack: not cold fruits like watermelon, all types of berries, cherry